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Dallas Basketball Officials Association

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Mission Statement
Become an Official (FAQ)
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Chapter Forms
DBOA Expense Form PDF
DBOA Expense Form MS Exel
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Physical Examination Form
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Pay Voucher
TASO Prof./Edu. Summary Form

UIL/TASO Incident Reporting Form — online reporting

UIL/TASO/DBOA Incident Reporting Form — instructions & PDF form for printing

Income & Expense Form
Late or Missed Assignment

TASO Web Site
Official's Supplies
Our Favorite Links
Business Ads
Winter Weather Closings

Sports News
CNN Sports Illustrated
CBS SportsLine
Sports News

League Web Sites
Basketball Congress International
PrimeTime Sports
USA Hoops/Texas Shooting
     Stars Basketball

Just for Fun
1 on 1 Basketball Game

Dallas Area Traffic Cameras


Ask The Ref

 Should you have any rule questions that come up during the season, you can send them to Barry Caponi at AskTheRef@DallasRef.com. He will answer them and/or check with TASO if necessary. The answers will be emialed back to you and posted on the DallasRef.com website so that all may benefit. Your name will be omitted.

Continue to the Ask The Ref questions . . . updated 1-24-05

Next General Meeting
for ALL Members

February 9, 2005, 6:30 pm

Election for Division Reps. and At Large

This is the last meeting of the season. Please make every effort to attend this meeting and cast your vote. There will probably be one or two run offs and your attendance will help decide the best candidate.

Division Points Classification System
As approved by the TASO Board on October 2004
Take me to see the Points Classification System

Login to Zebra-Ware & Schedules

Click on the Zebra-Ware Logo at the top of the screen or the link below to login and and review your schedule daily or every other day. You MUST accept or turn back your games as they are posted
Login Instructions PDF file
TASO & Generic IDs to login to Zebra-Ware PDF file
Zebra-Ware Link

Membership Information

If your contact information has changed you need to log on to Zebra-Ware through the link at the top of this web page. It is your responsibility to keep your contact information up to date. It is very important to have an email address! We send out email whenever the chapter has announcements. You need to visit Zebra-Ware at least every other day to see if you have any changes to your schedule.

Tony Burley
P.O. Box 530354; Grand Prairie, TX 75053-0354

A reminder to visit the TASO website and update all of your contact information. You will need your TASO Id number to be able to enter the members portal. If you do not remember your password into the TASO members portal, you will need to call TASO at 1-866-283-8276 and they will reset your password. DBOA cannot reset your password.

     TASO/DBOA Enrollment Application
     Physical Examination Form

Access the Members' Area

You may email the chapter and request the username/password so you can access the "Members' Area". Please email below for the username/password. Be sure and include your name when emailing your request.



DBOA Absentee Voting
for Division Rep. and At Large Rep.

Absentee Voting will be conducted from February 1 through 6 p.m. on February 7. Please click on the following link to see who is on the nominating committee, voting instructions, voting guidelines and the nominees.

Absentee Voting is ONLY for those that can not make the February 9th meeting. Try to make the meeting to cast your vote. Should there be a run off, you will be there to cast anothr vote.

Take me to the voting booth.

 Bereavement Announcement

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Carl Richardson's sister "Gloria Richardson". A wake will be held tonight, February 4 at the Evergreen Memorial Funderal Home, located at 6449 S. Houston School Rd. in Dallas. The funeral will be heldp on February 4 at 11 am at Antioch Fellowship Baptist Church, 7550 S. Hampton Rd.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carl and his family

Volunteers Needed

Jerell Daniels has asked for volunteers to help pack and move the North Dallas Shared Ministries. The date has not been confirmed but will be at the end of February or the beginning of March on a Saturday and Sunday. If you can donate 2-4 hours, please contact Jerell Daniels.

TASO 2004 State Meeting

Visit the photo album for the 2004 TASO State Meeting which DBOA was represented by 30 officials.

DISD Vendor Numbers

If you are officiating games for DISD, you will need a Vendor Number before they will issue you payment for your games. If you need to verify or possibly apply for a DISD Vendor Number please contact the DISD Athletic's Office, Patsy Simms at 972-925-3317. The following forms are posted for your convenience.
DISD Vendor Set Up Form
Form W-9 (required by most schools districts)

Basketball Officials Pre-Game Conference

Continue to the pre-game conference . . .

The Dallas Mavericks
Welcomes TASO to Enjoy


Special discount tickets . . . $39 ticket for only $25. The chapter would like all those that are interested to consider going on March 21 at the discounted price. For more information, open the link below. More details to come at a later date.

Discount Mavs Ticket Information

Important Info

The following files are posted behind the members only link.
Evaluation Development Program Form
Admin. Chart with Absolutes (evaluation criteria)
Conversion table for Divisons 1, 2 & 3
Questions should be directed to Tony Burley at TBDBOA@aol.com

Traffic & Winter Closings

For traffic reports and winter closings, visit the following links.

Dallas Traffic Reports
Dallas Area Traffic Cameras
Winter Weather Closings

Coaches Corner

An announcement to all coaches contracted with the Dallas Basketball Officials Association.

If you have any questions for the assignment secretary, please email TBDBOA@aol.com

If you are interested in joining the Dallas Basketball Chapter or have questions, please email us.


Want to referee? You can referee all year around. The Dallas Chapter usually trains new officials between September and November each year. Advanced training camps are available between April and September each year for officials with one or more years of officiating. Officiating for public & private schools runs from November through February. Other basketball leagues run throughout the year.

For Q&A, forms and additional information please visit How To Join. Or you can print out the following PDF files TASO/DBOA Enrollment Application, Physical Examination Form, Dues and Fees Schedule, Information Form for Assignment Secretary, Additional Members' Information Form. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access the PDF files. You can download this software for FREE by going to www.adobe.com You may print out the information, complete the forms and mail them along with a check to: DBOA, PO Box 763353, Dallas, TX 75376-3353.

Dallas Basketball Officials Association, Inc.
Member of Texas Association of Sports Officials
P.O. Box 763353
Dallas, Texas 75376-3353
(Contact Perry Daniels "president" by email DBOApres@aol.com or call 972-394-2605)
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